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Calibration Services in Singapore We Provide


Electrical Calibration

Calibrating electrical meters is essential to maintain their accuracy, ensuring reliable measurements for electrical systems, safety compliance, and precise data in various industrial applications.


Oscilloscope Calibration

Oscilloscope calibration is important to ensure the accuracy of voltage measurements and waveform analysis, guaranteeing reliable and precise data for effective troubleshooting and electronic circuit analysis.


Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration is essential to maintain the accuracy of temperature measurement instruments, ensuring reliable data for critical processes, quality control, and safety compliance in various industries.


Fix-Point Temperature Calibration

Calibrating Fix-Point Temperature Calibration is crucial to establish precise temperature references, guaranteeing accuracy and traceability for high-precision applications, research, and calibration of other temperature devices.


Non-Contact Temperature Calibration 

Without proper infrared calibration, the reliability of temperature measurements from non-contact devices is questionable, potentially leading to inaccurate data and compromising the effectiveness of industrial and scientific applications.


Humidity Calibration

Calibrating humidity sensors is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable measurements, providing precise data for critical applications such as climate control, industrial processes, and environmental monitoring.


Pressure Calibration

Pressure calibration is a service that verifies the accuracy of pressure measurement instruments, such as gauges, transducers, and sensors.


Chamber /Freezer Calibration

Rely on our Chamber/Freezer Calibration to certify the temperature stability of your environmental chambers and freezers for research and storage applications.


On-Site Calibration 

Get the convenience of onsite calibration services, bringing accurate and reliable instrument calibration right to your doorstep!

Our Solutions

In-House Calibration

Our laboratory is equipped with perfectly maintained precision measuring equipment. Standards and instruments used for calibration are regularly checked and proactively maintained to ensure accuracy and consistency.

It also helps identify problems in time. Our operating procedures and good laboratory practices help us achieve accurate measurement results and provide suitable calibration certificates.

Credit under ISO 17025 and registration under ISO 9000:2015 lab methods are robust, and our reference standards provide reasonable traceability to recognised national and international standards. We understand the importance and value of your equipment, which is why we include freight transportation in our services.

On-Site Calibration

Unitest Calibration performs on-site calibrations according to your needs. Our experienced staff are well trained to perform calibrations at your site. Less downtime, less confusion and fewer logistical issues. Onsite calibration is not performed at a fixed facility. These are typically performed in a room provided by the customer for the calibration technician. 

Although these are performed outside our laboratory facility, we maintain standardised procedures to record and report all calibration results and ensure the security and confidentiality of the calibration data received. The measurement standards are regularly checked and maintained according to ISO 17025 requirements.


Why is Calibration Important?


Calibration is important as it helps ensure accurate measurements. Accurate measurement is the foundation of quality, safety, and innovation in most products and services we use and depend on daily. Few people realise the vital role and importance of calibration in everyday life. Calibration improves the assurance of accurate measurements required for research, development, innovation, and production of millions of products and services around the world. Stop and take a quick look around the room. Most of what you see is manufactured within strict measurement specifications backed by calibration.

The Importance of Calibration in the Future


The importance of calibration will continue to increase. As technology pushes further, measurements need to be more accurate, and calibration becomes more critical. In the future, even more technologically advanced transport systems are expected, requiring more precise measurements that must be guaranteed by calibration. For example, consider the self-driving cars we see on the road today. This will become increasingly important as part of future transportation systems. Knowing that the accuracy of self-driving car precision measurement systems passes the higher level of assurance offered by calibration, we all feel a little queasy about self-driving cars. It will get better.

Benefits and Purpose of Calibration


The purpose of calibration is to ensure accurate measurements. Benefits of calibration include: - Increase profitability by increasing revenue or reducing costs. and help both - Increase sales by helping manufacturers and service providers deliver quality products and services, earning good customer reviews and loyal customers. - Reduce costs and save money by reducing manufacturing errors and recalls, eliminating wrong product acceptances and rejections, and extending the life of manufacturing equipment.

We Calibrate

Electrical Temperature Pressure Indoor Air Quality
Analog Multimeter Infrared thermal imager Absolute Pressure sensor Carbon dioxide
Appliance Tester Infared Thermometer Different Pressure Calibrator Carbon dioxide Transmitter
Battery Tester IR Gun/thermometer Guage Pressure Sensor Dewpoint
Clamp Meter Pocket Thermometer High Pressure Guage Humidity Transmitter
Digital Muitimeter Resistance Thermometer Low Pressure Guage Humidity and Temperature Meter
Earth Ground Clamp meter RTD Thermometer Pressure Calibrator Hygrometer
Earth Ground Tester Temperature Data acquisition System Pressure Transmitter Oxygen Analyzer
Energy loggers Temperature Dryblock Oxygen Transmitter
Installation Tester Temperature Transmitter Temperature
Insulation Tester Thermistor sensor
LCR Meter Thermocouple sensors
Loop Calibrator Thermocouple Thermometer
Multifunction Tester Temperature Oven / Freezer
Oscilloscopes Incubator
Power Analyzer Timer
Power Loggers
Solar PV Tester