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Calibrated tachometer services in Singapore

Calibrated tachometer services in Singapore

A tachometer is an electronic tool used to measure the rotational speed of specific objects. The device is essential for making sure machines work well and are safe. Unitest Instrument is a supplier of digital tachometers in Singapore, assisting organizations to maintain the smooth functioning of the production process. There are different types of tachometers out there, including contact and non-contact variants.

Varieties of Tachometers

Untiest Instrument offers tachometer calibrators in Singapore. Tachometers come in various types, each tailored for specific applications. Letā€™s take a look at the types of tachometers:

Contact Tachometer

Contact tachometers necessitate direct interaction with a rotating object to gauge its revolutions per minute (RPM). These devices employ either an optical encoder or a magnetic sensor, with continuous contact with the shaft or rotating component being essential for precise readings.

Non-Contact Tachometer

Non-contact tachometers operate without physically touching the object in question. Typically utilizing lasers or infrared light, they prove invaluable for measuring RPM in situations involving hazards, hard-to-reach areas, or mobile objects.

Laser Tachometer

Laser tachometers integrate a laser at the device’s end, directed towards the rotating object, to provide RPM readings through direct observation. Falling under the non-contact category, they excel in challenging environments like confined spaces or when working with industrial machinery. Laser tachometers offer varying detection distances, commonly ranging from 1 to 2 meters.

Optical Tachometer

Optical tachometers incorporate an optical sensor to ascertain the rotational speed of wheels, motors, or shafts. Utilizing lasers or beams of light, they measure RPM and can detect variations in the frequency of reflected light.

How Does a Tachometer Function?


Mechanical tachometers employ a flexible cable connected to a rotating engine part, controlling a needle to display engine speed. Electronic tachometers use a magnetic pickup near a rotating engine part, generating proportional electrical pulses. The circuitry then converts these pulses into a digital readout of engine RPM.

Is it possible to calibrate a tachometer?


Yes, at Unitest Instrument, we have a team of professional technicians who can identify the changes and calibrate the instrument.



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