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Weighbridge Calibration in Singapore

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It’s important to ensure that if your business uses a weighbridge, the measurements it provides should be accurate and dependable. If not, you could face legal issues or lose valuable products and profits unknowingly. Surprisingly, some people think that once a weighbridge is set up, it doesn’t need regular calibration to stay accurate. However, like any machinery, it needs routine maintenance and an annual check to ensure it’s working correctly. Untiest Instrument provides exceptional weighbridge services in Singapore. We have a team of experienced staff who deliver an efficient, high-quality service.

Why do you need weighing machine calibration in Singapore?Weighbridge calibration is really important for a few reasons that help things run smoothly and professionally:

Precision in Financial Transactions:

Businesses, especially in shipping and trade, use weighbridges to figure out how much things weigh for money transactions. If the weighbridge isn’t calibrated, it could mess up the numbers and cause financial problems. Calibration makes sure every deal is based on the right weight.

Following the rules:

Different industries have rules about how much things can weigh, set by local or international standards. Opting for weighing scale calibration services in Singapore helps to avoid breaking these rules and leading to fines. Calibration keeps everything in line with these rules, avoiding legal trouble.

Quality Control:

Knowing the exact weight is crucial to keeping the quality consistent. At Unitest Instrument, we offer weighbridge calibration in Singapore to control quality, so you can provide the best goods to your customers.

Operational Efficiency

An uncalibrated weighbridge can mess up how things move around, causing delays and using up resources poorly. Calibration stops these problems, making sure everything runs well and we use our resources wisely.

Safety measurements

Trucks carrying too much weight can be dangerous for drivers and roads. If the weighbridge isn’t calibrated, it might not catch these issues, making accidents more likely. Calibration helps keep the roads safe by spotting overloaded trucks.

Is it necessary to calibrate weight scales?


Yes, your scales and balances need calibration. Even high-end professional scales can’t stay accurate forever. Regular calibration ensures that your scales meet the necessary technical standards.

How can I check if my weigh scale is accurate?


If your weight scale gives varying readings for the same object, it might be time for calibration. At Unitest Measurements, we provide calibration certificates as proof to inspectors that your equipment has been through a calibration process.



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